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What JETdoc does

Research and planning

The first stage in any information project is to ask some searching questions. These might include:

  • What do we want to achieve with this information?

  • Who is this for? Who will be the users of this information?

  • How much do they know already? What do they want or need to know and achieve?

  • Do they have any special needs?

  • What information exists already? What are our sources for this information? Is it evidence-based?

  • How will this information be provided and disseminated?

  • Are there any regulatory constraints?

  • What other stakeholders are there? People involved in production, packaging, distribution, marketing…  healthcare professionals… people in charge of budgets…?

  • How will we measure whether the information has achieved the goals we defined?

  • How will we obtain feedback so we can monitor the ongoing effectiveness of the information?

  • What is the budget?

I have considerable experience of planning information projects, working closely with a range of stakeholders, including printers and packaging specialists, as well as regulatory authorities.

The aim is to ensure that the solution is not only tailored to the needs of users, but also practicable for all concerned.

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