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What JETdoc does

Design and layout

Writing, design and layout are inseparable in effective information design — good design and layout enables users to find the information they need and helps them make sense of the words.

Good design and layout makes information effective by:

  • making it legible — choosing suitable fonts, and paying attention to colour contrast, size and spacing

  • making it accessible — with prominent headings and other visual signposts

  • making it comprehensible — using bullet characters, indents and other devices to clarify structure and meaning

  • making it attractive — if it looks good, people are more likely to read it and enjoy reading it.

I am skilled in the design and layout of a very wide range of documents, forms etc — from small quick-reference guides to complex multi-page reports. My experience with medicines leaflets has also made me resourceful at developing usable layouts when available space is limited.

For clients who wish to maintain their documents in-house, I can also develop layout templates and train staff in their use.

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