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What JETdoc does

Illustration and instructional graphics

When they are part of an explanation, illustrations have a function — to make the information clearer and easier to understand. JETdoc’s approach is to focus on the functionality of illustrations, using shading and line weight constructively.

Getting illustrations right therefore depends on understanding what's being illustrated — I start with good background knowledge, and always make sure I ask questions so I know exactly what's the intended message of the illustration.

Here are just a few examples. There are many others which I can’t show you here. To find out more, get in touch.

I also rather enjoy producing maps, so I have included some examples specially commissioned for a book.

From a leaflet explaining a pre-operative anti-MRSA programme:

From a booklet explaining knee surgery:

From a booklet explaining options for hip replacement surgery:

From a series of booklets for an endoscopy unit:

A sequence of diagrams explaining how to prepare a solution for infusion:

Custom maps drawn for the book ‘Other Times Other Places’ by  Donald Yule

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